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Ku BandWhether you represent a state, federal or private correctional institution, TBN’s inspirational programming is a no-cost rehabilitation tool with the potential to transform inmates’ lives by providing them with hope, helping them successfully reintegrate into society, and giving them a positive direction that could reduce their rate of recidivism.

Chaplains who already have TBN programming in their facilities can readily attest to its benefits.  Click here to read their comments.

Through the TBN Second Chance program, we offer four of TBN’s unique faith-based networks, satellite reception equipment and professional installation, free of all cost and subscription fees, to correctional facilities and re-entry centers who request and qualify for the program.

Each facility may choose to receive up to four different TBN channels that provide a mix of cross-generational, cross-cultural and multi-denominational viewing opportunities for inmates. For more information on the TBN networks available for your facility, click here.

Once installed, we recognize that our networks will be voluntarily viewed only by those inmates who choose to watch them on their televisions.
Since our ability to supply free satellite installation and programming will vary depending on each facility, we ask that an authorized correctional official complete our detailed application form, which can be completed and submitted online. It’s also available as a PDF download that can be printed out and faxed or mailed to us.

To apply for TBN Second Chance in your facility online, click here.

To download a PDF application form to fax or mail to us after completing,
click here.

If you have additional questions or would like to be contacted by phone or e-mail, click here.

Key Features of TBN Second Chance:

  • FREE of any expense to state or federal governments or correctional facilities. NO monthly subscription fees.  All satellite dishes, receivers, installation and maintenance costs are provided by TBN Second Chance.

  • Quality faith-based, commercial-free programming 24/7 from America’s most-watched and most-requested faith channel, plus three other TBN digital networks targeting diverse ages, ethnic and religious denominations.

  • Each correctional facility may choose any combination of our four networks for their inmate population.

  • A bonded, licensed technician will provide each facility with a no-cost customized satellite installation that will be compatible with the facility’s existing television distribution equipment.

  • A virtually maintenance free Ku band 36”-48” satellite dish will be supplied, along with free live technical support.

  • Programming will be available nationwide in most geographical areas (satellite will require “direct line of sight” in the Southern sky for North American viewers.)

  • Risk-free—facilities can discontinue programming with 60 days written notice (after six months of service).

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